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Food Safety Culture Ten Commandments

We all need a shortlist of important things we need to do. A long list is so difficult to remember. Personally, that is why I think God chose 10 – we have ten fingers, so it is easy to remember. Take a leaf out of His book today with 10 things you should remember for food safety culture this week.

You need to memorise them … there is a test next week. NO JOKES!

  1. We have a food safety culture already – it is either helping us to improve food safety at our company or it is hindering us. It is our choice.
  2. Food safety culture is created by leadership. Leaders must lead.
  3. Make sure you tell staff WHY we do food safety practices and not just what! And it’s not just to pass an audit.
  4. Focus on the positive to motivate people to do the RIGHT thing. So, catch people doing things RIGHT for a change.
  5. Make sure employees know what is expected of them – don’t ASSUME.
  6. Make your procedures and food safety records as easy as possible to use. If its too complex, people will give up.
  7. Make sure people have the tools they need to do food safety as easily as possible, and the TIME.
  8. Talk about food safety – every day, every meeting, in every way.
  9. Allow people to ask why, ask them to speak up, allow them to be honest.
  10. Make food safety fun. It is a serious business – we take the safety of our products and our consumers seriously, but we can still have fun doing it.

How many of these commandments are you following? Make sure you assess yourself this week and give yourself a pat on the back for each one you get right. And then add another one to keep on improving. You are our #foodsafetyheroes!