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How to make food safety training fun

I am sorry that I keep harping on about making food safety fun but I really do feel we take ourselves too seriously. That does NOT mean that I don’t think we should take food safety seriously – please do not misquote me.

It struck me that I may understand how to make training fun as I have trained for many years and had training on this, but perhaps it’s a bit more difficult for you.

So, I consulted some training experts on these and here is their advice:

1. Make learning active

According to Diane DiResta: After seven minutes or so, the brain starts to drift. Lecturing, along with reading, are the most passive and least effective forms of learning. Make learning active!

She suggested the following 10 tips for making learning active:

  1. Understand how people learn. Learning styles may be either visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or cognitive.
  2. Tell stories
  3. Use props, even play dough
  4. Let them teach you
  5. Get physical
  6. Play games
  7. Organize creatively
  8. Provide download time
  9. Use music
  10. Get visual

You will love what she says here:


2. There are benefits to making corporate workshops fun and engaging for adult learning

We can feel that having fun is for kids only and does not fit into our corporate worlds. We are always competing for time and focus when training on food safety. Why not use tactics that make it better than being on Instagram! I especially like what the Symonds Research Group says about the ROOM –  having had to train in very UNFUN venues.

  1. Use an ice-breaker early on in the workshop
  2. Use group activities throughout the workshop
  3. Give the students a chance to speak
  4. Make sure room conditions are positive for learning
  5. Understand how People Learn (pedagogy)
  6. Use well-prepared training materials
  7. Use examples students can relate to from their own lives
  8. Be enthusiastic whatever the subject matter – show personality
  9. Make the objectives clear at the start of the training

Read all the details here: https://symondsresearch.com/how-make-training-fun/

3. Even mandatory training can be more exciting

According to Kirsten Marshall, even the annual refresher training can be made more exciting. I love her ideas especially about the customized content, keeping it short and even offering the test first as an incentive.

You will want to see more about her ideas here: https://elearningindustry.com/7-ways-to-make-your-mandatory-training-more-exciting

4. Even eLearning can be MORE fun

I know we are all ZOOMED out but this kind of learning is here to stay. Even though you are no longer enjoying it, you can make it more engaging too. In addition to keeping your video on, having stable connectivity and shorter sessions, Ardent suggests these useful tips for your next online training course:

  • Gamification
  • Breakout rooms
  • Quizzes and polling
  • Use the chat

Download their brief here and you should try the “Scavenger Hunt”: https://www.ardentlearning.com/blog/4-ways-to-make-virtual-training-fun

Have fun training!!!