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World Food Safety Day 2022

World Food Safety Day is celebrated annually on 7 June to draw attention and mobilize action to prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks and improve human health. The WHO has chosen the theme for this the 4th celebration of World Food Safety Day, “Safer food, better health”.

According to the WHO, safe food is one of the most critical guarantors for good health. Unsafe foods are the cause of many diseases and contribute to other poor health conditions, such as impaired growth and development, micronutrient deficiencies, non-communicable or communicable diseases and mental illness. Globally, one in ten people are affected by foodborne diseases annually.

This is not just something to consider today. This needs to be a long-term plan as the need to transform food systems to deliver better health in a sustainable manner is critical in order to prevent most foodborne diseases.

If you have not yet considered what you can do to commemorate World Food Safety Day, have a look at this guide from the WHO https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/WHO-HEP-NFS-AFS-2022.1

There are so many great ideas that you can incorporate into your food safety culture programme – not just for today but for good. Why not make this Food Safety Month?!

I would like to focus on this suggestion:

Download guide to World Food Safety Day:

It is interesting to note how food safety culture is the golden thread that is recognized as necessary to ensure Safer Food, Better Health.

“Our behaviour, the way we build food systems and how we organize food supply chains can prevent infectious and toxic hazards, microbial pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites), chemical residues, biotoxins and other noxious or dangerous substances from getting onto our plates.”

Remember Food safety=Behaviour

Frank Yiannas

On a personal note, I salute your efforts in food safety. Each one of you involved in the South African food industry are playing a small part of a big challenge. I want you to know that I appreciate your efforts. Thank you for keeping me safe. Keep at it. Don’t give up. You are making a difference. You are my #foodsafetyheroes