What is Food safety culture?


“ Organisational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs 
how people behave within an organisation. When that organisation is part of the food chain, the stakes

become so much higher - as the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values of the team will determine
the effectiveness of their behaviour when it comes to the implementation of food safety.”

Why food safety culture?

The recent Listeriosis outbreak rocked our food safety world. It was a watershed moment in food safety for South Africa, and we should all be responding to this tragedy with a review of our systems to identify potential weaknesses. But this is not just about more regulations and more audits. You probably have the right systems, you may even have certification. And yet you find yourself consistently battling with the same issues in your facility, year on year.

Have you considered that it could be a food safety culture issue blocking your company's food safety objectives? Perhaps your organisation’s culture is spilling over into your food safety initiatives and stunting your progress?

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Research has proved that the majority of foodborne illness outbreaks result from human error.  This means that we can have the right food safety management systems in place, we can be compliant with relevant food legislation - and yet we could still battle with food safety challenges. 


Have you considered the impact of behaviour

on your organisational food safety culture?


There is a lot written about culture, in many forms.  In recent years, safety culture has been leading the way, 
though there are many fundamental principles which are common to food safety culture.

Food Safety Culture Presentations

We were privileged to host an amazing wealth of knowledge at this year's Food Safety Culture Workshop held this year in Johannesburg. You can view the video's here.

Restaurant Rising –
Marler’s 12 Step Program

Were I  the CEO of a 1,900-store restaurant chain with 45,000 employees and had just had six foodborne illness outbreaks in six months, what would I do this coming Monday morning?

Beyond systems and standards, lies culture

It is time to realise that we need something more than just systems and checklists to manage and improve food safety in South Africa. We need to figure out what it is we've missed, and do it!

Shared values - foundation for a culture of food safety

I frequently discuss the importance of having a food safety culture with operators of a variety types of companies, and they all tell me the same thing: “my company has a great food safety culture.

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The goal of the food safety professional should be to create a food safety culture, not a food safety program.



Frank Yiannas, Author of Food Safety Culture: Creating a Behavior-Based Food Safety Management System



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